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Monday, November 10, 2008

Freedom of Information Act Links

I have compiled some useful resources on Freedom of Information Act Laws, Anti-Slapp (Anti- Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation), and other informative links that will help citizens stamp out government corruption by having the tools necessary to get at critical information not otherwise known to the general public. This helps keep government in the sunshine for all the public to see. Do your part and file one today, you might even be able to do it for FREE.

Listen to the various discussions on this episode of the Get Off The Bench Advocacy Call. It's free and it is to help you and your organizations.

The National Security Archive

United States Department of Justice FOIA Information Website

Public Citizen Freedom of Information Clearinghouse

State by State Freedom of Information Act Laws

How to Make a Freedom of Information Act Request

How to Get FOIA Fee Waivers

Citizen Access Project

Searchable Information Sources (all 50 states) Citizen Access Project

Project on Government Oversight

Report Corruption on Project on Government Oversight

Society of Professional Journalists Foia Information and Anti-Slapp Lawsuit Issues

The National Archives for Records Managers Website (Government training and guidelines site for maintaining records, master this and master getting more access to information no matter where it is in the government bureaucracies.)

Federal Records Officers - Complete Federal List

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