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Monday, December 15, 2008

New Resources for Non Profits

Here are a variety of resources for those nonprofits that still haven't gotten everything underway when raising awareness about our parental rights. We discussed these tools on Get Off The Bench on one of the Monday Night Free Advocacy Calls. These tools have their definite uses and the resources listed have many funding opportunities for your organization as well, whether it be technical help, grants from private foundations, or marketing donations.

Using Twitter as a messaging alert system for your organization. Coordinate instantanoues rallies, protests, demonstrations or even mass coordinate telephone calls with your contact list. Instantly notify via sms, email, and other methods at a single click of a button.

POWWOWNOW - Create a local telephone conference with web board for free to discuss your important issues in a community forum. Start a parental alienation support group, divorce support group, or other group designed for peer support and advocacy. Everyone can do one.

Organizers DB will help you keep track of donors, volunteers, and email lists for your nonprofit organization. This application is completely free for your organization.

Grassroots ~ their mission is to "adopt" 10,000 nonprofit organizations with the intention of providing around $10,000 per year of services to each organization for FREE. Sign up and get your benefits.

Learn How to Build Your Nonprofits Brand in Eight Words or Less

Non Profit Guides for grants writing and proposals.

The 3 Effective tools Article that will help your nonprofit organization excel.

Introduction to Community Engagement

The 3 Most Effective Tools for Community Engagement

Friend Raising versus fundraising.

Story About Building Relationships

Not Your Dad's Divorce

Non Profit Organizational Assessment Tool Volunteer Management

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

You can spread the word about Get Your Justice Live: The Nation's Most Popular Family Court Talk Show

You can add the item to the left very easily to your blog, myspace, and other websites by using "code."

I have the code that you need listed at this website address so you can simply cut and paste it into your comments, blog posts, and more!

If you have any questions... Just let us know. You can also post comments to this entry with where you are promoting the show. We look forward to growing with you in fighting the system.

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