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Friday, February 22, 2008

Michigan Resources: Self-Help Legal Assistance: Know Your Attorney Before Paying!

In Michigan it is very valuable to research prospective attorneys before handing over that $1,000.00 - $10,000.00 retainer fees. If you think you will have a highly contentious divorce, custody, child support, or paternity action, you might invest some of your time is seeing if your attorney has any appellate experience regarding your current legal needs. You can view all of the cases an attorney has in Michigan's Court of Appeals.

Don't forget to rate attorneys by following the instructions at this link.

Get Off The Bench Talk Cast! Listen to it while you work!

Attorney Case List

The attorney case list can be used to research the types of cases that an attorney has experience with at the court of appeals level. The P(Number) is the number assigned to an attorney when accepted into the State Bar of Michigan. The Attorney Name must be in LAST name FIRST name format. You can check the box for "include closed cases" which is always helpful to see how cases were ruled on.

Search Court of Appeals and Supreme Court Opinions by Key Word

You can search various opinions from both the Court of Appeals or the Michigan Supreme Court opinions by key words and phrases. You can do things like... child custody or parental rights. You can see reasons why orders were overturned, affirmed, or modified.

Michigan Court Rules

These are the Michigan Court rules arranged by Chapter. If you plan on representing yourself in court, you need to plan on understanding the rules of civil procedure (Chapter 2) and then the applicable Chapter for example... Chapter 3.200 for Domestic Relations Actions.

Michigan Rules of Evidence

How can you conduct a trial if you don't understand the Rules of Evidence and how to object or what is admissible / inadmissible.

Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct

These are the rules of professional conduct for attorneys. These are the rules that THEY must adhere to when representing or advocating for a client. You should know these so you know when you are not being well-represented. Know the rules that attorneys must follow so that when or if they break them, you can take action against them.

The knowledge represented above is invaluable if you plan on self-representation and is only a start for Pro Se Litigants in Michigan. In the past I have published a mini-manual for people that includes Friend of the Court Act, Support and Parenting Time Enforcement Act, and other important pieces like the Michigan Constitution. Let me know if there is still a need for such a resource. I will make them available online for you. If you have more questions send me an email at

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Get Your Justice Live with Get Off The Bench

Now there is a new interactive talk show designed to expose many of the injustices of the family court system, child protective services, child support enforcement agencies, and officials that have gone wild with the power that they wield. Every Sunday and Wednesday Night you can call in live or listen at

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Lary Holland on House Joint Resolution NN (2008)

Lary Holland provides a quick information piece on House Joint Resolution NN (2008). Be sure to spread the word and get people contacting their legislators immediately.

Dr. Ron Paul with William Wagener OnSecondThought.Tv

... just one of the many federal programs where the federal government bribes state governments to comply with their version of public policy. As stated in the video the Title IV-D program sounds like "old fashioned debtor prison" and that the Child Support Enforcement program is "little more or little less than a system of organized crime."

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