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Friday, December 30, 2005

Michigan residents might have relief from "friend of the court" right around the corner...

Relief for Michigan residents with open Domestic Relations suits (child custody, paternity, or divorce) may have some hope yet. A group claiming the name Michigan Parents for Justice have set out and created a website called, that according to their website, "has been established to gather information and provide information for the purpose of making your case with the FOC and/or the Family Courts easier." This group is one of a growing number of sites providing services and information to the public on how to deal with the Friend of the Courts here in Michigan. This could be a big relief to Michigan residents who often times complain about the questionable practices of the "friend of the court" and don't know what to do next, especially since many parents involved in these cases have had their income garnished and can't afford a competent attorney. At least one site has an answer and that is to file grievances and let the Michigan Legislature know just how problematic to the public that the "foc" is. If you have an open Domestic Relations case be sure to stop by their website at as well as others groups that are providing these valuable services.

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