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Friday, November 05, 2010

Elections have come and gone!

Well the elections have come and gone... As the election cycle is over consider what have you contributed to the campaigns that have won. I don't mean money, I certainly don't mean campaigning for them, but do your candidates and governmental agencies truly hear what is that they should be doing? How are you involved in your own personal communities to help enforce the compact between the people and the state? I only ask this because many people that I speak with aren't really sure where our government should be heading in an objective light, instead half the country repeats the rhetoric and the other half fights the rhetoric. This means that both our citizenry and our government have a long-overdue need for true patriotic education. Take the time to read the State and Federal Constitutions that are applicable to you, your legislatures, your courts, and all other government officials.

As we come quickly up on the year 2011, what is it that you wish to accomplish for your community? Remember a country is built from the bottom up and with the strongest foundation comes the strongest country. The government cannot do what we should do for ourselves.

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