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Monday, January 28, 2008

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop and Lary Holland Discuss Equal Parenting in Michigan

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop and Lary Holland of Michigan discuss Equal Parenting at the Farmington Hills League of Women Voters Public Town Hall Meeting on January 28, 2008. Michigan currently suffers from the highest unemployment rate, the highest juvenile life sentence rate, and a significant number of incarcerations all related to the breakdown of the Michigan Family. We are seeking to put the family as nearly back together as possible by minimizing the conflict between parents post-divorce, post separation, and post-paternity. Tune in to GetYourJusticeLive.Com for more details on Michigan House Bill 4564 and the happenings in Family Court around the United States.
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Lary Holland and House Speaker Andy Dillon at the Farmington Hills League of Women Voters Public Townhall Meeting. Discussing House Bill 4564, Michigan's Presumption of Equal Custody Bill, which will place parents on even footing in child custody disputes unless either parent is unfit, unwilling, or incapable of caring for their children.

UPDATE: Andy Dillon and House Democrats: Lawmakers Aim to Cut Deal with Energy Suppliers to Sidestep Voter Approval on Tax Increase

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rep. Jack Hoogendyk and Lary Holland at Americans for Prosperity

Representative Jack Hoogendyk and Lary Holland discuss shared parenting, part-time legislature, and other issues that have major economic rammifications for Michigan's single-state recession economy.
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Lary Holland at Americans For Prosperity

Scott Tillman, of the Sam Adams Alliance, and Lary Holland, of Family Court Reports, discuss political strategies and concerns for Michigan issues and several campaigns. The Americans for Prosperity event focused on Conservative values with guest speakers ranging from Senator McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Rogers, and more.

More information about the American's for Properity event will be forthcoming over the next several days. The event was a huge success with many quality breakout events and opportunities for networking.
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Advocates Decended Onto Grand Rapids, MI.

Kenyatte, Lary Holland, and Paul Sielski the morning after the National Fatherhood Summit in Grand Rapids, January 4, 2008, planning details for demonstrations that took place later in the afternoon.

For more information on:

Fathers 4 Justice

Lary Holland

Paul Sielski

For more information on the upcoming Family Preservation Festival simply visit
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Depicted to the right are Apostle Arthur Bailey and his lovely wife from Abundant Life Ministries in Grand Rapids, MI. Apostle Arthur Bailey sponsored and hosted the National Fatherhood Summit in Grand Rapids, MI.

The National Fatherhood Summit in Grand Rapids, MI was a great success for fathers and families. Speakers and participants traveled from all across the United States to attend the National Fatherhood Summit Event.

The event was organized by Minister Ronald Smith of Children Need Both Parents, Inc and hosted at Abundant Life Ministries.

Originally Reported at Family Court Reports (

Lary Holland Speech at the National Fatherhood Summit

DaddyBlogger.Com Reports on the National Fatherhood Summit

There are many other events that are being scheduled leading up to the August Family Preservation Festival.
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