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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Children Need Both Parents: Parental Rights and Due Process

I took some time to compile a website called "Children Need Both Parents" because I am tired of the government intruding into everyone's personal lives at the invitation of one parent. I am not discounting domestic violence and a multitude of other factors and allegations that require criminal government intervention. I am however, setting an objective standard that leads the way to protecting the parent-child relationship and working towards "co-equality" of competing parental interests. Raising evidence standards before a parent's relationship with their own child is diminished through no criminal act is a necessity.

Check it out:

It includes information linking to Professor Donald Hubin's "Parental Rights and Due Process," a solid proposed State Constitutional Amendment to Protect Parental Rights, and a Federal Constitutional Amendment proposal for the same. There are also links indicating the benefits of two parent involvement throughout the site and sample language to introduce in your own states. We have to limit government intrusion where one parent attempts to usurp the other parent's role in their child's lives.

Parental Rights must be respected and protected, and government must not intrude and assist in the usurpation any longer. Parents are co-equal unless a steep evidentiary standard is employed to intrude, but that has not been the practice in CPS, Child Custody, Child Support, or Divorce cases where parents are encouraged to destroy each other in a winner take all battle sometimes to the death.

Google: Family Court is a Deadly Business; Guess what, I wrote it. Check it out and see what is really happening across America. Be sure to tell people, like your family members, legislators, and even local officials about what is happening everywhere.

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