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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Court Targets Federal Tax Monies Not Delays

The Palladium-Item serving the Greater Richmond, IN area released an article Titled "New Court Targets Case Delays" which I couldn't help but respectfully disagree with. The new court targets Federal Tax Monies Not Delays.

Asking questions and determining the facts are both essential skills necessary of our reporters to maintain an INFORMED public. An informed public is also essential in monitoring the size and actions of various governmental agencies, legislative bodies, and our judiciary. What we have in this article is the propaganda of big government that is preserving itself instead of solving problems. Why? Because it is more profitable to address symptoms than it is to resolve problems and each of our government officials wants some job security.

The number one question that was overlooked is why there is a "logjam of cases flowing through county courts." Why are there so many cases of family breakdown and crime in the County courts? Instead of managing higher caseloads, we need to look towards creating again an economic advantage to employment and marriage versus crime and separate welfare maintenance.

The fact that court officials hear cases more quickly, will only increase the caseloads and cause a substantial rise in Title IV-D welfare services. When federal funding is cut, the local tax payers will again be footing the bill directly from their property taxes instead of through their income withholding. This program currently is beneficial to the Counties because the higher the number of open cases that they can prove some form of action was taken (whether positive or negative) the more Federal Tax Payer money the County will receive through the State participation grant until the federal funding is cut.

Mike Shipman actually states "there are families out there dependent upon this money to survive" which sounds good but is known as a fluff statement. Show me the statistics, Mr. Shipman, on the number of people that are dying as a result of not receiving their welfare checks. Give me a break and back up the statement Mr. Shipman. You sound like the typical government official that says... if tax payers don't give us more money then the first things we will cut are police and fire and people will die.

Staci Terry states that there are 5000 open cases at any one time in the County... The reality is this, in 2007 there will be a noticeable increase in open cases because Title IV-D is an unchecked welfare spending program which pays for higher caseloads. Wayne County will immediately and automatically move ALL new and old cases into the program to bolster their numbers in an effort to welch more federal tax dollars from the U.S. Tax Payers. The more open cases that the County can handle, the more U.S. Tax Payer money they will receive from the Title IV-D Welfare program.

Wayne County Commissioners support the program because they have just joined the ranks of other counties that have figured out that the destruction of families and the inclusion of middle and upper-class families into a free for all spending program will turn each $1.00 bill they have into $3.00 and allow a significant expansion of government over families. In essence the people will no longer control the purse strings of government over family at the local level.

Judge Darrin Dolehanty is excited because the Title IV-D Welfare program is a true partnership between the judiciary, the county, and the state and federal governments. It turns the Judiciary into a partner for a money machine and rewards the government bodies for rushing to judgement with a predetermined outcome. Each case the judiciary rubberstamps as an order the more money the bureacracy makes as a whole. Good job on eroding the independence of the judiciary and turning it from an impartial system to a partner in the Title IV-D "cooperative."

Dolenhanty also says they "don't plan to ask the taxpayers for a penny" which is pretty funny considering that Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, where the county is getting paid from, is 100% U.S. Taxpayer money as appropriated each year by Congress. In Fiscal Year 2006 Congress appropriated $4,200,000,000 (that's right 4.2 BILLION DOLLARS) of your tax dollars for these programs. Wayne County wants as much of that as they possibly can get, which means setting up an assembly line of divorcing and separating families to include in their reporting numbers to the State and Federal Government. (See:

In essence this new program will in large part be comprised of middle and upper-class citizens being thrust into this new welfare program at Tax Payer Expense. When federal funding is again cut on this disastrous program local Wayne County residents will be footing the bill for a free for all welfare spending program that includes a large percentage of people that should not qualify for such services.

This program doesn't save tax payers, it costs them. It's only a matter of time before Indiana files for a Title IV-A pass-thru waiver that will remove the requirement of repaying back welfare services and allow people to collect BOTH child support and a welfare check to "improve their lifestyles." Wake up Wayne County and say no to Title IV-D welfare services by requesting to OPT OUT because you better believe that your local government will "automatically" place you in the program because they get a piece of the pie.

Do a Google Search for "Title IV-D Welfare" and see how many people are sick of footing the bill for unrestricted welfare programs that do nothing but increase the public's burden to support big government. Let's all stand up and end this silliness today.

Citizens are going to see more phony courts and tribunals setup to rubberstamp out your civil rights over the next several years. Reigning in big government spending and shrinking governmental bureacracies is essential to maintain control over the government, otherwise WE THE PEOPLE will be nothing more than a myth. Look to actually solve social problems instead of encourage them through free for all welfare spending programs.

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