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Saturday, December 30, 2006

John Milford: Commissioner for a New Welfare System

In a guest column on Tuesday, December 26, 2006 in the Chronicle Tribune John Milford writes about how his offices are going to be receiving more money. All they have to do is get more child support orders, perform more collection activities, and drag cases out further.

After reading this guest column I was very concerned that it sounded like more government propaganda centered on a greedy bureacracy that strives to justify its own existence by attaching to supposed good deeds that supposedly can only exist if the bureacracy exists.

Lets point out the most important thing about Title IV-D. Title IV-D of the Social Security Act is 100% funded by the US tax payers as appropriated each year by Congress. In Fiscal Year 2006, Congress appropriated $4,200,000,000 ( 4.2 billion dollars) for the states that operate programs in accordance with federal guidelines.

What is more peculiar is that Mr. Milford alleges that less taxpayer -funded assistance is needed when non-custodial parents "fulfill their financial obligation." His statement is unsupported by the facts when the very program that Mr. Milford is supporting is a $4.2billion dollar tax bill to U.S. tax payers. The program could be interpreted as a free for all spending program. See

Mr. Milford also admits that the court and Grant County receive "increased incentive payments" as an award (reward) for "its collection efforts." Naturally Mr. Milford would support a program that results in more money in the bureacracy's pockets that pays his wages. The larger they grow the more U.S. Tax Payer Money they receive! This exposes a large conflict of interest in the program, the very fact that judges' and commissioners 'offices financially benefit from their decisions creates a biased court that will ultimately impair the judicial system's requirement to remain impartial.

In essence this new program will in large part be comprised of middle and upper-class citizens being thrust into this new welfare program at Tax Payer Expense. When federal funding is again cut on this disastrous program local Grant County residents will be footing the bill for a free for all welfare spending program that includes a large percentage of people that should not qualify for such services.

This program doesn't save tax payers, it costs them. It's only a matter of time before Indiana files for a Title IV-A pass-thru waiver that will remove the requirement of repaying back welfare services and allow people to collect BOTH child support and a welfare check to "improve their lifestyles." Wake up Grant County and say no to Title IV-D welfare services by requesting to OPT OUT because you better believe that your local government will "automatically" place you in the program because they get a piece of the pie.

Do a Google Search for "Title IV-D Welfare" and see how many people are sick of footing the bill for unrestricted welfare programs that do nothing but increase the public's burden to support big government. Let's all stand up and end this silliness today.

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