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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

When The Poor Go To Court

U.S. News & World Report(January 23, 2006) had an article entitled When the Poor Go to Court. This article was worth mentioning because the Judicial Activists in Kent County routinely are sending indigents and poor people to jail for debts they cannot pay.

The actions by elitist Judicial officers in Kent County is part of what appears to be a public policy that is aimed to help transform this State into one large Welfare drain of federal incentive payments to make up for its bloated family courts, employees, and social workers. Kent County's attempt to keep paying for anti-family policies and much larger than necessary government programs.

Just like the article says ... many people, if they do get a public defender, receive one who "doesn't have the time, resources, or interest to provide effective representation" which I experienced first hand watching many people be sent straight to jail with little to no questioning from the Judge or the public defender of the charges or ability to pay for excessive debts. I had to take over for mine who was non chalantly stating that she did not know what I wanted. Not too mention I didn't even get her name. The critical component remains if it is even "constitutional to jail him [people] for debts he [they] couldn't pay" in the first place. A debt is a debt, regardless of how the Judicial welfare activists try to twist it in an effort to extort money not from individuals, but their families.

Removing the Judicial officers that are perpetrating these offenses against our State's poor and sometimes ignorant is necessary and essential. Several people have begun programs aimed at removing the Judicial officers or reforming bloated programs that use fear policy; Some examples are and and many others. People are finally understanding that the tactics of rogue elitist Judicial officers have gone well beyond their intended purpose all in the name of making money from the destruction of our families.

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Robert Gartner said...

Amazing, is it not that after the many years of so called democracy, someone should write how the poor do not have proper access to the courts, read that 'due process'!

Lary, who has offered this forum for input around the aspect of family courts for which I submit to you the following link to a small part of my story, ultimately not having a lawyer and placed against two lawyers from one of the largest law firms in the world, Fulbright and Jaworski,LLP. And daughter's mother got them for FREE via of the zealots, Justice For Children, The link explains a little more about what transpired after that stage was set for this posse, this (LLP) legal lynching party.

One last thing: some of my experience is what turned me against the death penalty. Why:

1.I found out just how easy it is to become 'convicted'of something.

2.And what may be even more important: I learned a little more about how utterly cruel people can be toward one another, even those from right in your own family.(My mother enabled my daughter's mother to do this heinous and mistaken thing to my daughter and to me, having remained in DENIAL all her life, about her own past, thus projecting it onto me and my daughter. And of course you se the role my daughters mother played and continues to play in this scenario even as my daughter is now nineteen and cannot approach me, having been so parentally alienated. Its almost like narcissism runs the world these days.

Yes the legislators, the judges, the courts, and all the entities and agencies in between need to wake up to the horrible things they routinely inflict upon living beings on this planet. Many of the other living creatures having been anihilated, humanity is fast approaching its own extinction.

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