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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kent County Continues Monitoring of Michigan Residents

Well Kent County continues their monitoring of people that are fighting for the right to be in their children's lives. Earlier today, what appeared to be an attempt to infiltrate a Family Rights Online Support Group, using false pretenses.

Melissa DeBoer (depicted in the picture), an employee of Kent County Sheriff's Department utilized a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection through Grand Rapids based Calvary Church to attempt to gain access to a Family Rights Online Support Group. When asked why she was not providing the information required to participate in the group by the moderators she replied "Right now, I can't give you my case number, I am going through something awful with my child. I am only trying to protect her."

Kent County (Grand Rapids, MI) is notorious for attempting to infiltrate peaceful assemblies, but has certainly taken a new approach in attempting to gain access to online support groups to monitor the activities of families. Kent County is engaged in the practice of using fear to short circuit debate, suppress evidence, and drive their special interest public social welfare policies forward profiting from the destruction of our families.

Other Stories involving Kent County's attempts to infiltrate peaceful groups:
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People with more information involving Kent County's position toward our First Amendment Rights should contact Lary Holland @ Lary Holland has called for the removal from office many of the officials that are encouraging and carrying out a socialist welfare agenda using Title IV-D of the United States Social Security Act to draw in millions of dollars from the Federal Government and Tax Payers at the expense of families.


Anonymous said...

It is only when a cop is treated so unjustly bt his/hers own system that they will finally get what it is to be abused by the "system."

Anonymous said...

It is only when A cop is abused by the same "system" they work for, that they will truly see what a totally abusive "system" it is.
So don;t spy to hurt the already hurt. Do it so you can make improvements within your power. Please?

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