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Monday, April 28, 2008

Nationwide Child Support Enforcement Fails Needy Families


% change
from FY 06

Collections Distributed



   - Current Assistance



   - Former Assistance



   - Never Assistance



   - Medicaid Assistance



Total Expenditures



Cost Effectiveness ($ Change)



Paternities & Acknowledgements



Orders Established



Full Time Equivalent Staff



Total Caseload



   - Current Assistance



   - Former Assistance



   - Never Assistance



 Net Undistributed Collections



Arrears Amounts Due




Over participation continues to be a major problem in the nation's child support enforcement program. I have highlighted important sections regarding participation numbers, collections, and undistributed child support. Net Undistributed Collections appears to make up the equivalent of about 50% of the total collections of means tested needy families. These are nationwide numbers. You will see that between former and never assistance, actual needy families are a super minority of this social welfare program.


Adding eligibility requirements into the nation's Title IV-D/Child Support Enforcement Program will benefit needy families and will also constitute a significant savings to the taxpayers at both the federal and state levels. Removing affluent feuding families from the program will also benefit children of those divorce and child custody cases, by emphasizing on the parent-child relationship rather than encouraging bickering and fighting over who is going to receive a check and for how much.


Actual Federal Expenditures Nationwide:   $5,593,864,242.00 (Billions)

Estimated State Expenditures Nationwide: $1,845,975,199.86 (Billions)

Taxpayer Expense, not including other social programs and costs of incarcerations is over 7 BILLION DOLLARS!

Collections for ACTUAL MEANS TESTED NEEDY FAMILIES: $946,283,222.00 (Millions) which is less than the State's expenditures on the program nationwide. Why is the federal government getting involved in these cases?

(please note there is no verification to determine if the money was distributed after collection.)

This program would be better off distributing money out of the budget directly to needy families and just get rid of the employees behind the Child Support Enforcement Agency. With Net Undistributed Collections totaling nearly 50% of the amount collected for needy families, one has to wonder how many needy families are indeed being helped by the program.

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