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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Friend of the Court Abuses Run Rampid.

Lary Holland is an expert regarding Title IV-D and the UnFamily Courts of America. Check this video that talks about the Friend of the Court in Michigan and how Representative Brenda Clack has a complete disregard to the family by not encouraging and supporting House Bill 4564, Michigan's Presumption of Equal Custody Bill. Visit

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Anonymous said...

I totally support your efforts to expose the judicial system, which is out of control.
However, I believe the only way that we can make any changes, is to sue the government immediately, for violating the constitutional rights of the people.
1. We have to send a very strong message to elected representatives that are no longer representing our interests, by voting against them from now on.
2. The existing laws must be changed to express the will of the people and not the judicial establishment.
3. The judges must be elected by the people and cannot be nominated by the governor.
4. The position of the judge must be chosen by attorneys with at least 15 years of experience in private practice, exclusively.
5. The attorneys working full time for the government cannot be nominated for the position of judges, without exception. Working for the government corrupts them.
6. Judges must be accountable for their mistakes, without any exceptions. One mistake and you are out.

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