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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What's Brenda Clack's Reasoning: Discussion on Equal Parenting and Abuses

Casual discussion on the Friend of the Court abuse of power, equal parenting, and how Representative Brenda Clack is holding Michigan's House Bill 4564 (presumption of equal custody) hostage in Committee. This is the second of several pieces with Studio 1714 in the Beautiful East Side of Flint, Michigan.

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Keith said...

Greetings from Boston…

This legislative stonewalling is common place within most family court system today, initiatives presented to governing bodies at both the state and federal levels to slow and or cease the separation of fit and willing parents from being a part of their children’s lives is pervasive across the country! The common thread which is all inclusive within this area of law is simple and alarming. It’s all about the money the state and the satellite bodies supporting the states action receive from encouraging and fostering a winner takes all position within the family courts.

The ‘Lexus’ here is to maintain a system that is directly affecting every aspect of a separating couples lives by intrusively and in many cases usurping both state and constitution law in order to facilitate the movement of property, money and lives at the expense of the children and their mental and physical well being. This is accomplished by ensuring the creation of a custodial parent ‘CP’ and a non custodial parent ‘NCP’ transferring as much property and money from an NCP to the CP under the guise of the “best interest of the child”. Ultimately separating children from one parent the ‘NCP’ for a majority of the time in order to assign as much child support and or property to the CP as possible, this to facilitate gaining the federally funded dollars returned to the state as incentive grants or entitlements from programs such as Title IV-D and the Child support enforcement grants. This is a massive distortion of these bill/acts original ententions and hase been manipulated by most all states in order to dip into the federal coffer for money and nothing less.

The system has failed miserably in protecting the safety and well being of children, everyone know this. In most states the family court system is self governing and without oversight, aside from the back slapping internal oversight comities designed to do nothing more than isolate and cover up their colleagues misgivings and intrusive actions within these bodies.
The only individuals who do not feel the system flawed or in a complete state of failure are the same individual who are fighting for the protection of these state and family court systems. These are the delusional individuals within the system who are only out to maintain the current systems and protect this cash cow for the states and satellite system/organizations that are completely funded off the backs of our citizens and the destruction of our children’s lives for profit.

The tide is changing! Lawmakers, senators and the like are about to face trial by fire. Their actions and proposals are beginning to be scrutinized and exposed for their agendas. The purpose of submitted legislation and backers of family destructive attempts at laws are going to be exposed for who and what they are, whether they like it or not. The time has come to take back our rights from the states intrusive, family destroying corrosive ways and teach our children the meaning once again of truth, honesty and accountability for ones action. The time has come to take back our lives from this intrusive and corrosive attempt to destroy the very foundation of our society within this country “Our families”

Wake up America before it’s to late, stand against the wrongs before you and bring back the greatness to our country was have sadly lost.

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