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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Friend of the Court Problems? There is a new service!

Looks like another breath of fresh air for people that are having problems with Michigan's Friend of the Court. I received a copy of a press release today that indicated there were new online services available, free of charge, for people that are having problems with the various Michigan/County Friend of the Court Offices. I have attached the complete press release below:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Problems with the friend of the court?Earlier last month, a new independent online service was made available to people who are experiencing problems with any of Michigan’s friends of the court and their offices across the state.

This free service was created to increase awareness, and to give more people a stronger voice in sharing their friend of the court experiences with others from anywhere in the world.

The service, available online at, provides people with information on the friend of the court and contains an anonymous online community forum where people can register to discuss any difficulties they are having with their county’s friend of the court.

Registration is free and completely anonymous, and only a valid e-mail address is required to use the community forum services of the website.

If you have questions or are having problems with the friend of the court, please visit; or for more information, please contact the website administrator at:

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