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Friday, November 05, 2010

Elections have come and gone!

Well the elections have come and gone... As the election cycle is over consider what have you contributed to the campaigns that have won. I don't mean money, I certainly don't mean campaigning for them, but do your candidates and governmental agencies truly hear what is that they should be doing? How are you involved in your own personal communities to help enforce the compact between the people and the state? I only ask this because many people that I speak with aren't really sure where our government should be heading in an objective light, instead half the country repeats the rhetoric and the other half fights the rhetoric. This means that both our citizenry and our government have a long-overdue need for true patriotic education. Take the time to read the State and Federal Constitutions that are applicable to you, your legislatures, your courts, and all other government officials.

As we come quickly up on the year 2011, what is it that you wish to accomplish for your community? Remember a country is built from the bottom up and with the strongest foundation comes the strongest country. The government cannot do what we should do for ourselves.

Friday, February 05, 2010

FairTax Movement Launched

Some of you may have followed on that the new Fair Tax Movement was launched. If you have suggestions, submit them through the site at
The FairTax Movement is a site dedicated to encouraging an alternative tax reform structure that reduces government bureaucracy, invasive government practices, and increases government transparency.
This is just one of the many new launches occurring in 2010. Elections and issues are going to be highly contested and the fair tax, parental rights, and a number of other issues should be on the forefront of everyone's minds.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Actual Costs of Raising Child: Federal and State Child Support Guidelines

I wanted to take a moment and review Title 45 Sec 302.56 with you, which is part of the Title IV-D program. Title IV-D is a voluntary program that states may opt-in for federal grants and incentive funds for the operation of child support enforcement and paternity establishment programs. Please note that if a state fails to comply with a federal mandate, that it may be grounds for the state to lose federal funding or be forced to pay back portions of already received funding.

Federal Mandates require that State Child Support Guidelines be reviewed periodically, and upon that review that state guidelines must "consider economic data on the actual costs of raising children."

Title 45 §302.56 Guidelines for setting child support awards.

(h) As part of the review of a State’s guidelines required under paragraph (e) of this section, a State must consider economic data on the cost of raising children and analyze case data, gathered through sampling or other methods, on the application of, and deviations from, the guidelines. The analysis of the data must be used in the State’s review of the guidelines to ensure that deviations from the guidelines are limited.

For those of you that are monitoring your state's implementation of child support guidelines, the USDA regularly produces a report on the ACTUAL COSTS OF RAISING A CHILD IN SINGLE PARENT AND TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE HOUSEHOLDS.

You can view the historical data on raising children back to 1995. Further, since both parents have to maintain their own housing, you could strip this number from the actual cost of raising the child, and then divide the remaining total by two (for two parents) and that would be each parents' equal share for the actual cost of raising a child. You will find it is likely lower than what most child support guidelines are. You should raise this point, since the data is openly available.

Feel free to share your findings with me on this issues.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Parental Rights Amendment Supplemental Issues

There has been some basic confusion about the differences between the Parental Rights Amendment and how it might need to be altered regarding gender issues and also how some groups are relating it improperly to "equal custody" organizations.

My general thoughts that I am placing here so I won't have to keep retyping it, let me know what you think, are as follows:


Parental Rights should be the steeple of child-custody disputes
, but because an invasive, intrusive, and otherwise subjective standard for custody determinations has been allowed, parental rights remain under attack regardless to gender and not just on the international front lines. After reviewing Farnsworth v. Farnsworth the Court found, “a court cannot overlook or disregard that the best interests standard is subject to the overriding recognition that the relationship between parent and child is constitutionally protected.” Parental Rights are being set aside for a ambiguous and subjective notion called "the best interests standard" contrary to common sense and partly because people are not focusing on that god-given superior Natural right. In fact, because of the relaxed effort on making parental rights the most important issue, it allows the most fundamental and natural right to be whittled down in divorce, custody, child protective services, medical notification/versus parental notification, access to school records, home schooling, and more. These group of lobbies are a growing number, because government is "upsetting the balance of government authority versus parental authority" replacing governmental perferences over parental determination. Something that seems to be slipping the minds of organizations everywhere.

The purpose of the proposed amendment is much greater than just the treaty. In fact, it will affect many areas of concern in domestic law as well, but more importantly again it brings the focus to parental rights being protected. This will also give way to raising the standard of parental rights instead of continuing the slide and then crying foul that we don't have equal parenting rights. Equal parenting rights being a minor issue to the superior parental rights issue, because we need to at least recognize a right to be able to be reconcile to equality in an adversarial proceeding. Right now, people have succumbed to the propaganda of the BIC fictitious "standard."

We invited Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum as well as other key conservative groups to speak on these issues, ironically Nancy Schaefer is part of the Georgia Eagle Forum, and they are both in full support of US Rep. Hoekstra's upcoming amendment. I too, am behind this amendment 100%. Phyllis also agrees with the points regarding Single Issue Lobbying Organizations versus Multi Issue Lobbying Organizations getting the job done. Any SILO is easy to come under attack from opposition and should consider merging, supporting, or supplementing MILO efforts, especially where economic support is weak in specific SILO areas. I am focusing efforts on as many of the MILOs that come together on this one federal issue, because it is the first of three that will be introduced this year and will gain the support of some of the largest women's conservative groups and more, because this is no longer a gender issue.

If referencing the "gender and marital status" do you mean "without regard to gender and marital status," I think that would just be used to attract glbt lobbies, which doesn't interest any of the major conservative groups. That would have to be carefully clarified, and probably not in a public forum until the language was set.

I strongly support the efforts of Nancy Schaeffer, Phyllis Schlafly, US Representative Pete Hoekstra, the Home School Legal Defense Association, and many others in both the domestic and international aspects of the Parental Rights Amendment. It gives us something strong to talk to the media about, to educate families about, and to implement a base policy that "Parental Rights Should Be Respected and Protected By All." Of course that means parents, government, and more should respect, and the government to enforce equal rights, which will take the courts out of micromanaging and revenue generating and put them back into the role of independent while limiting their direct involvement in the family. This is step one to other key legislation that will bring us closer to EQUAL parenting where two parents both are demanding their time to direct the care, education, and upbringing of their own children.

While I agree that the United Nations CRC is checkmate, I believe the Parental Rights Amendment is much much larger than the International issue, including child protective services, and many other domestic intrusion areas. Just as our parental rights have been whittled, we too shall reverse the damage by whittling back at them their authority to minimize the importance of family and the relationships between both parents and their child(ren).

US Congressman Pete Hoekstra and Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum Discuss Parental Rights on Get Your Justice Live

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Helping Parents and the Courts Make Better Decisions Regarding Custody and Divorce!

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

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Monday, December 15, 2008

New Resources for Non Profits

Here are a variety of resources for those nonprofits that still haven't gotten everything underway when raising awareness about our parental rights. We discussed these tools on Get Off The Bench on one of the Monday Night Free Advocacy Calls. These tools have their definite uses and the resources listed have many funding opportunities for your organization as well, whether it be technical help, grants from private foundations, or marketing donations.

Using Twitter as a messaging alert system for your organization. Coordinate instantanoues rallies, protests, demonstrations or even mass coordinate telephone calls with your contact list. Instantly notify via sms, email, and other methods at a single click of a button.

POWWOWNOW - Create a local telephone conference with web board for free to discuss your important issues in a community forum. Start a parental alienation support group, divorce support group, or other group designed for peer support and advocacy. Everyone can do one.

Organizers DB will help you keep track of donors, volunteers, and email lists for your nonprofit organization. This application is completely free for your organization.

Grassroots ~ their mission is to "adopt" 10,000 nonprofit organizations with the intention of providing around $10,000 per year of services to each organization for FREE. Sign up and get your benefits.

Learn How to Build Your Nonprofits Brand in Eight Words or Less

Non Profit Guides for grants writing and proposals.

The 3 Effective tools Article that will help your nonprofit organization excel.

Introduction to Community Engagement

The 3 Most Effective Tools for Community Engagement

Friend Raising versus fundraising.

Story About Building Relationships

Not Your Dad's Divorce

Non Profit Organizational Assessment Tool Volunteer Management

Rent or Buy Digitally